Palm WLAN USB Adapter – drivers e utility


Ok, so you buy a Palm WLAN USB Adapter (Realtek RTL8187) and lost the CD drivers?

a) You can download the iso at ( edited from .iso to .zip . Thank you Jerry! )
b) New Mac version (Realtek_RTL8187_MacOS10.4_Driver_1309_UI1.5.1 3) at

How to install:
0) disconnect the adapter from your USB port.
1) if you have a old/wrong driver version installed, remove it.
2) install the software version that you just download.
3) close all your applications, because you need to restart after install the driver.
4) install and reboot
5) conect the adapter on USB port
6) go to “system preferences/network” and active / setup the network
7) that all. Enjoy ;p

my network adapter installed